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Andre Alves Wedding Photographer caught PLAGIARIZING!

January 29th, 2013

In a previous post we highlighted how Andre Alves has suddenly fled from claiming that he is a professional wedding photographer but there are a few more things that you will get a good laugh out of. But since this has little to do with the previous post and everything to do with showing off YET ANOTHER amazing act of THEFT by the hands of Andre Leite Alves of Aware Bear Computers and Aware Bear Photography in Pittsford New York. This one is all about PLAGIARISM.

Andre Alves has been trying to blast out fake press releases for a year or two now, in the hopes that the SEO gained from it would bury all the other material out there that carries his name. He still hasn’t learned that it’s a futile effort but in his desperate attempts he certainly is showing what he’s all about. Take a look at THIS FAKE PRESS RELEASE that he posted on JULY 28, 2012.

Since the press release uses “difficult words” that do not fit with the persona known as Andre Alves it was a dead giveaway that the material must have come from elsewhere. A quick google search then proves that. Take a look at THIS ACTUAL PRESS RELEASE that was posted on JULY 19, 2012.

Done laughing?

Yes indeed. Andre Alves just completely ripped off and took the other press release, almost word for word, and edited the names to reflect his own. And all this was very easy to find because words like “unobtrusive” are words that I would not normally associate with the limited vocabulary of Andre Leite Alves.

For the record, here are the two screen captures of the original press release and the fake one.


Andre Leite Alves is NOT a wedding photographer ANY LONGER

January 29th, 2013

Strange things are happening around Andre Leite Alves, the fraudulent individual at Aware Bear Computers in Pittsford New York. Recently, Andre Alves announced, through his own website, that he suddenly is no longer a wedding photographer. Instead, he is a wedding photographer consultant. I hope you didn’t choke from laughing too hard about that one. 🙂

Here’s what his site, for his “wedding business” said before:

My name is André, and I’m happy to see you here!

I am a full time wedding photographer in the upstate NY Rochester/Buffalo area, as well international locations.

With a multicultural background, I have traveled and photographed the world. I am RIT educated (School of Image Arts and Science from 1997-2001).

I love everything about weddings and being able to capture the happiest day of your life! I really like to take my time and put my heart and soul into wedding photography in Rochester NY.

FYI: Please click on the PORTFOLIO tab to view my work. If you would like to inquire about my wedding availability, use the CONTACT tab or email me directly at solutions [at] awarebear [dot] com.

And this is what it has now:

Hello and welcome to my website, I am a full time wedding photographer consultant in Rochester, NY. I do not shoot weddings professionally. Please do not contact me about wedding photography services since I do not provide this service. I went to school for photography at RIT, however photography is my hobby for me.

Sounds like Andre got himself in even more trouble again and decided this would be his way out of that. Needless to say, his wedding photos didn’t impress me and who the heck would want to hire a photographer who has a proven track record of STEALING IMAGES and passing them off as his own? And then have the audacity and nerve to try and remove (without any luck, of course) this incriminating material that shows exactly who Andre Alves is, from the internet.

So, eh, Andre, you’re saying that you do not shoot weddings PROFESSIONALLY? Well, call me amazed but it was about time you realized that your pictures were nothing much to write home about in the first place. How many people did you get that paid you THINKING you WERE a professional like you’ve claimed in the past?

Since we like to document the “business” of Andre Alves and Aware Bear Computers or Aware Bear Photography with publicly available materials, here are the two screenshots from the before and after. Something must really have scared the living bovine excrement out of Andre Alves.

In case you are wondering what… maybe have a look at this about the New York Attorney General Cracking Down on Shady Photography Studios! Also, back in 2008 NYC held a hearing about a proposed city law that would REQUIRE wedding photographers to be licensed and submit a $5000 bond. This, of course, to separate the moonlighters and amateurs that would ruin your wedding from the professionals. We all know what category Andre Alves belongs in.


Pittsford Chamber of Commerce Board Member BUSTED

March 31st, 2012

More PROOF of Andre Leite Alves and Aware Bear STEALING AGAIN

It is only a few days ago since habitual liar, serial copyright infringer, and persistent perjurer, Andre Leite Alves of Aware Bear Computers in Pittsford New York that I reported on his latest feeble and failed attempt at using the DMCA to suppress the exposure of his business activities and general lack of having any common decency.

As is usually the case when I provide an update on this seriously sneaky and morally bankrupt character, Andre Alves, I receive e-mails and comments from other people who had the displeasure of ever having had anything to do with him or his “Aware Bear” brand. One individual e-mailed me a few links with the claim that Aware Bear Computers, even after all their folly and continued bad reputation and exposure, is still in the business of plagiarism and copyright infringement.

After a very quick check on the information provided to me it was very clear and deserves some extra attention. After all, Andre Alves decided to awake a sleeping giant by throwing little stones in a pond and not understanding that doing so may cause tidal waves to hit him, instead of ripples.

Here’s the claim; Andre Leite Alves and his Aware Bear Computers (Pittsford New York) has once again stolen content, made minor modifications, and used it for its commercial purposes. And, as usual, thinking that he would get away with it. And also, as usual, will probably claim it’s entirely the opposite and that he is the real owner of the material in question (he will repeat that so often that we wonder if he is delusional enough to actually believe in his own lies).

Of course, a claim alone is worthless, so the proof will be provided here (additional secured and cached copies of all data are, as usual, safely stored). The site that Andre Alves and Aware Bear STOLE (ripped off, infringed upon, you name it) is actually the site of John Silva, chef and owner of Culinary Eye in San Francisco.

Andre Leite Alves of Aware Bear Computers and Board Member of the Pittsford Chamber Of Commerce is BUSTED for lying and stealing
Here is a shot of the two website side by side. You can view a cached shot of the Aware Bear Computers Pittsford Website HERE and one of John Silva’s Culinary Eye Website HERE. Feel free to compare the two and notice the similarities.

Of course, similarities alone, even if they are very obvious like these, may not be enough to publically accuse someone of copyright infringement. Even for a morally bankrupt and habitual liar like Andre Alves (who also moonlights as a wedding photographer in case you’re not interested) you can’t just go accuse anyone of infringement. So let’s dig a little deeper and discover exactly how Andre Alves has dug his own grave AGAIN.

Comparing the SOURCE of the two websites shows exactly what has gone on. As already shown in many other articles about Andre Leite Alves, he is not a very bright person. In fact, I would go as far as to call the guy totally clueless and obviously stupid. And not just for his actions but also for the way he’s been trying to combat the bad reputation he gets from engaging in these infringement activities and then hoping to lie about them in the hopes of covering them up.

If you examine the source of the Culinary Eye website you will find several JavaScript functions. Those exact same functions and 100% identical code is also there on the Aware Bear website. Anyone who knows anything about websites could argue that a JavaScript function called sendContactRequest() could possibly be found on millions of pages. And I would agree.

But what about functions like sendFoodPrices()? Yes, that TOO is 100% verbatim a part of the Aware Bear Website. Of course, Andre Alves, being the sneaky liar that he is, will probably remove that after reading this and claim that no such thing ever took place. Luckily, I have not only ensured cached copies with time-stamps off-server for safe keeping, I’m also posting the two sources of the two websites so you can see for yourself. Here’s an example snippet:

function sendFoodPrices(){
var type = $.trim($('#menu1').val());
var people= $.trim($('#menu2').val());
var name= $.trim($('#fp_name').val());
var choices= new Array();

$('input[type=checkbox][name^=checkbox1]').each( function(){

var email = $.trim($('#fp_email').val());
var phone= $.trim($('#fp_phone').val());
var comments = $.trim($('textarea#fp_comments').val());
var msg = new Array();
var elem = new Array();

etc... there is so much more in there it's just amazing!

HERE is a small ZIP with the source of the Culinary Eye and Aware Bear Computers sites.

Now, WHICH of these two sites has something to do with food and which does not? Why would the Aware Bear Computers website require scripts to deal with checkboxes and input fields for seating arrangements, number of guests, the type of catering you are inquiring about, and much more you will find in the script code of the site.

Andre Leite Alves, your continued copyright infringement activities have ONCE AGAIN been exposed! You certainly have some balls and very little brain activity because you just can’t seem to stop stealing from people, can you? No wonder you keep posting tons of gibberish to other websites and aggregators claiming that you and your Aware Bear business are “the most trusted” this or that. It is clear that you are not and even more clear that people shouldn’t trust you as far as they could throw you. 🙂

On a more personal note, Andre, I would love for you to spend some more money on DMCA attacks against this site as it only provides more material to expose you by and as a result causes more people to look into your activities and notify me of such, causing even more exposure of your activities. Please remember, Andre, you and only you are the water that makes this garden bloom and prosper.

And they allowed this guy on the board of the Pittsford Chamber of Commerce, to deal with grievances? Now that’s ironic. Perhaps the chamber needs to be aware of this, pun intended. You can reach them at this email address:

Andre Leite Alves involved in habitual perjury!

March 29th, 2012

Our favorite habitual liar and serial copyright infringer, Andre Leite Alves, of Aware Bear Computers in Rochester, is at it again and proving himself to now also be a habitual perjurer. And no, I am not talking about his Rochester Perennial Exchange “website”, which is nothing more than his attempt to link-build to gain a tiny bit of SEO juice in the hopes that all the negative exposure of his business activities and habitual lies would no longer score as high as they have done.

Andre Leite Alves of Aware Bear Computers, the moonlighting photographer, perjured himself AGAIN!

This week, Andre Leite Alves, Mr. AwareBear, has once again perjured himself, in an attempt to file a DMCA against this site and three of the images used (in good faith used under 17 USC Section 107 which allows for such considering the context of this site). This is not the first time Andre Alves has attempted to do so. Remember many years ago when he filed a false DMCA (against my domain registrar) claiming the images of my office were actually his and that I was the one infringing on them? Perjury might be something Andre Alves was born with but since I am not a doctor I don’t know that for sure. Lying and displaying deceit, however, that I think has long since been proven.

Scroll down to read the actual DMCA takedown notice that was filed.

Andre Alves is not the brightest bulb as most of you have already noticed. I can only imagine how much time and money Andre Leite Alves has spent (possibly from the Aware Bear business account) on the many feeble attempts at influencing search results. But the consistent and persistent failure of his efforts to accomplish anything is truly mindboggling. I also believe that Andre Leite Alves must think that my office is actually a time travel machine because he very seriously botched his DMCA attempt, like he botches a lot of things, just ask any displeased customer of Aware Bear Computers in Rochester.

It seems Andre Leite Alves really can’t do anything right!

Andre Leite Alves, a habitual liar and serial infringerPrior to filling out the DMCA, Andre Alves uploaded 3 images from this site. Images which at one point in the past (2009 and 2011 to be exact) were on the Aware Bear Rochester website. Then proceeded to create a blog post in WordPress and backdated it to December 7, 2007. Then labeled the images as (C) 2001-2012 to create the impression for the DMCA Agent that this site had taken them off of his site, and proceeded to state such, under penalty of perjury. Except what our clueless clown Andre Alves failed to pay attention to, because he is not really a detail oriented guy, is that images from 2009 and 2011 appear in his post that is dated several years prior to those.

I honestly do not have a time travel machine but I think Andre Alves believes I do. And for those of you paying attention, he botched one of the images even worse by having it in the 2012/03 upload folder. Anyone using WordPress will understand where I’m going with this. Images uploaded March 2012, in preparation for his false and incorrect DMCA filing, made to appear as if they were actually there in 2007. And he also needs people to believe there was no activity on his link-heavy blog between 2008 and 2011? Nice one, Andre! You must think other people are equally as dumb as you are.

Andre Alves, who appears to also moonlight as a “full time” wedding photographer (a full-time wedding photographer and full-time computer-repair guy, eh), must not understand digital images all that well because he clearly also forgot about things like date stamping and additional digital data embedded in those very image files. What that exactly means I will not explain because there is no reason to try and educate Andre Leite Alves. Instead I will just save this really good information for any situation where I may need them to pull the rug out of under any attempt at legal harassment. There are two other indicative issues with his DMCA attempt but those too, I will save for later. 🙂

What Andre Leite Alves (or should I refer to him as the Aware Bear that is unaware most of the time) also failed to think about is the fact that two of the images are cropped from the site they were originally on and are not the actual crop size of the images as they were at the time. It is nothing short of amazing that the exact crop is actually dated 2007 on his “blog” because they are clearly the exact crop I took. The old Aware Bear site(s) and content are probably not in Andre Leite Alves’ possession anymore so he didn’t notice it. Luckily, I always cache and copy everything just in case such is needed to provide proof and evidence. 🙂

Why did AwareBear Computers’ Andre Leite Alves spend $99 on a false filing?

So what’s up with these images and why would Andre Leite Alves spend $99 on trying to have them removed through the DMCA process? Nothing in particular, really. It is clear he attempted this as a “test” to see if it would work and if it did he could then proceed and start filing more false DMCA’s as long as he had a few dollars to spend on it. But the reason the habitual liar and serial infringer wanted the images gone is clear; they expose his habitual lies in a no uncertain manner.

The image that is a screenshot of one of his web pages, with the so-called testimonials on it for example. As already shown previously, testimonials from allegedly happy customers have been used throughout the years and attributed to different names at different stages during the changes of the Aware Bear Computers website(s). Also, the exact same text of the supposed testimonials has been found posted elsewhere and passed off as real testimonials, yet also attributed to different people in different places. Under 17 USC Section 107 I of course am showing exactly that.

The other two images have a bit more history to them. The first was taken from the Aware Bear website (in the state it was in at the time) to show that it was not just my office that Andre Leite Alves pretended was his. Also, a friendly and smart person e-mailed me with the links to the actual website designs in the image, as they belong to Template Monster and are not designs ever made by Aware Bear Computers. Ditto for the small image pasted into the monitor in that arrangement.

After I pointed that out and used the image to show this, Andre Leite Alves immediately modified the image on his website to contain an email address instead of the office and also took out the small design pasted in the monitor. He left the Monster Template images on there. Perhaps he bought those templates or decided he would take his chances. During that year the Aware Bear website underwent a lot of changes as Andre Leite Alves tried to wipe out all the obvious lies like claiming to be an official Apple Repair Center (yeah, right, ask Apple about that one).

Speaking of Apple. Did anyone notice the banner image at the top of Andre Leite Alves’ “link farm” blog? Do you feel you have seen that image before? That’s because you probably have. On Apple’s website! So clueless Andre can’t even build a “link-farm” blog without yet again using content he’s not authorized to use!

The full DMCA takedown notice as it had been received by my web host.

Please note that I have taken out the name and details of the copyright agent. As it turns out the actual filing was done through a 3rd party website and the chain of action on the DMCA is a little complicated to explain, nor really of any interest here. The copyright agent is someone I know and respect and it became increasingly clear what exactly transpired and what Andre Leite Alves attempted to accomplish.

Notice of Copyright Infringement
Received: 2012-03-26 21:42:02 from [name removed] to DreamHost Abuse

Please see attached notice of copyright infringement, which has also been pasted below. Thank you very much for your time and attention to this matter. Please note that, in addition to the below infringement, the site itself appears to be nothing more than a spam redirect and an attempt to capitalize on my clients domain name.

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to you to avail myself of my rights under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and/or the European Directive on Electronic Commerce (EDEC). This letter is a Notice of Infringement as authorized in § 512 of the U.S. Copyright Law and EU Directive 2000/31/EC. I wish to report an instance of what I feel in good faith is an instance or Copyright Infringement. The infringing material appears on the Service for which you are the designated agent.

You are either registered with the U.S. Copyright Office as the designated service provider agent to receive notifications of alleged copyright infringement with respect to users of the service or have listed this information as the appropriate account to file such complaints on your site.

1. The material which I contend belongs to myself or my client, and appears illegally on the Service is the following:

Various AwareBear Images

2. The material appears at the website addresses:

3. The material appears on my or my client’s Web site at these addresses:


4. My contact information is as follows:

[name and company details of the DMCA agent removed]

Filed on Behalf of:

Aware Bear
Andre Alves
5 Monroe Ave
Pittsford, New York 14534
Phone: 585-473-7035

5. I have a good faith belief that the use of the material that appears on the service is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or by operation of law.

6. The information in this notice is accurate, and I am either the copyright owner or I am authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner.

I declare under the perjury laws of the United States of America that this notification is true and correct.


[name removed]

Note: [company name removed] is acting as an authorized DMCA agent and is solely responsible for the preparation and submission of the DMCA notice.

Don’t you just love the lies Andre Leite Alves manages to concoct?

As the DMCA takedown notice reads, “Please note that, in addition to the below infringement, the site itself appears to be nothing more than a spam redirect and an attempt to capitalize on my clients domain name.”

So this site is a spam redirect now? Amazing! I challenge anyone reading this to google the name of the habitual liar and discover the countless attempts he’s made to influence search engine results to combat the negative exposure that his actions have received here and in other places over the many years. It is unfortunate for Andre Leite Alves and Aware Bear being presented in a satirical manner here but there is a limit to how many times this clown should get away with his lies.

I think poor Andre was projecting a little too much when he came up with the “spam redirect” idea considering that he has produced tons of content and posted it all over the internet for just one single purpose. And yet, even after spending so much time over those many years, he accomplished nothing with it (nor will he, but he hasn’t figured that out yet, as I said, he is not the brightest bulb).

It’s also funny how all of Andre Leite Alves’ link-farm experiment sites use basic WordPress themes. I wonder if he will be starting to claim those are his designs just like he seems to do with anything that his eyes see.

The images will be back up shortly as I entertain the full counter notice of the DMCA process. In order not to expose the current web-host as this process resolves itself, you can view the images here, here, and here if you want.

What are people saying about Aware Bear Computers in Pittsford New York?

April 16th, 2011

It is beyond sad how Andre Leite Alves is still trying to spam search engines with gibberish and trash articles in which he includes the name of his business and himself. When will he learn that he can’t manipulate search engine results in this feeble way?

He has even gone as far as to setup additional domains (such as rochestercomputer) containing more of his unintelligent sentences. You should check it out, though. The page contains a lot of “testimonials” that are as fake as the others he used to have and the awards he attributed to his business. If you can read and spell you will notice that once again Andre wrote the fake testimonials himself since they all contain the same spelling errors. There are just some words this guy can’t write and it shows.

Some of his other statements are too good not to share with you. Take for example the following statement he makes on his rochestercomputer website:

Andre Leite Alves of Aware Bear writing more gibberish online

Aware Bear Computers changed the way the IT industry in Rochester New York works, by offering fast and affordable computer service and repair, servers, wired or wireless networks for home or office, virus and spywareremovals, data reovery and backup, FREE computer, apple, LCD recycling, business service contracts, custom built computers, servers and gaming machines, We also offer in store or on site hardware and software support for home users and businesses.

Changed the way the IT industry there works! Please forgive me while I roll off my chair, on the floor, laughing. Or how about Andre’s “reviews” of cars that he is also trying to use to manipulate search engine results:

It handles really well and is very responsive I am quite impressed with the engineering behind this automobile says Andre Leite Alves owner and founder of Aware Bear Computers in Pittsford NY

I can’t stop laughing and neither will you if you pay attention to the pictures he’s referring to. Yes, those are pictures taken at a dealer while he pretends he owns the car. Of course this is the the exact level of pathetic we have come to expect from Andre Leite Alves. Much like those people who who take pictures of themselves in front of someone else’s expensive car and then show the pictures around because it satisfies some kind of craving due to their low self-esteem. It comes as no surprise considering Andre and Aware Bear’s exposure here came into existence after doing something similar. But best of all:

Andre Leite Alves is the owner and founder of Aware Bear Computers in Pittsford NY. He also shares a passion for high end vehicles not limited to Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Porsche, Lexus, McLaren, Lotus, Lamborghinis, Austin Martins and other exotic vehicles. Being a successful business owner allows me to own and have access to these rare and selective vehicles.

A successful business owner who needs to manipulate search engine results with a load of gibberish and paste himself into pictures of others so he looks successful? There is a reason Andre is called the Big Pretender.

Aware Bear PRETENDING to be a HP and DELL service center!

August 17th, 2010

We just received some interesting news from Dave in the comments section. Thanks Dave! Of course we would like to elaborate a little on what’s going on with Aware Bear Computers but first, here’s what Dave had to say:

Amusingly, Aware Bear has claimed their Google Places listing and reported their name as “HP Computer Repair and Service Rochester NY”, rather than the actual business name. Now not only are they in the business of copyright infringement, they apparently have decided to try their hand at Trademark violation too! They don’t appear in a search of HP’s authorized service providers database. Check it out at THIS LINK HERE.

Looks like yet another attempt to manufacture credibility where there is none. I love to see small, local businesses succeed – especially in the crowded and competitive IT sector – but when companies do these kinds of dishonest things, they lose my support.

If you follow the link provided above you will immediately notice one of the reviews saying;

Aware Bear is NOT a “certified” HP service center and their techs are NOT “factory trained”. You won’t find them in HP’s authorized provider database, but you will find a lot of very unhappy customers if you do a quick Google search. Let the buyer beware!‎

Feel free to check it out yourself and you will find that it is absolutely correct. Once again Aware Bear and Andre Leite Alves are playing the “big pretender” game. But that’s not the only thing that is really interesting about the link because, also ONCE AGAIN, Andre Leite Alves has exposed himself as writing his own reviews. Pay close attention to the reviews and you will notice that they all make the same grammar mistakes that Andre Leite Alves himself is known for (not being a native speaker of the English language). Did all these people study at the same place and learned to all make the same mistakes?

Another thing you will notice is that a lot of the reviewers have ONLY posted reviews of Aware Bear and nothing else. Funnier than that, though, is that “Kim S”, one of the review posters, both reviews Aware Bear for its so called computer repair activities as well as their wedding photography activities. Both reviews are dated December 6th. If you read them you will notice that “Kim S” not only got married a few days before it and alleges that Andre Leite Alves did their wedding photography, she also had her computer fixed by Aware Bear at the same time. Right, if you believe that blatant fraud I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

And why do all these people that post reviews all use the slogan that Andre Leite Alves have always wanted to coin for Aware Bear Computer Repair? All those people using the same words in the same sentence? How telling, Andre!

And just like Andre likes to name his alleged employees, many of the reviews are posted under names like “Tony V” and “Tommy D”. Then again, as we have already shown on this site, Andre is really into abbreviating surnames by just a single letter. Maybe he’s addicted to doing that and forgets he leaves trails as tick as BP’s oil slick to follow.

And if that’s not enough, Andre Leite Alves and his Aware Bear photoshop tricks are once again evident if you check out THIS LINK where he PRETENDS to be a “Certified Dell Repair Services Rochester NY Aware Bear”. Guess what, Aware bear is NOT a certified DELL repair center and they aren’t certified by DELL for anything. And the picture on that page? Yes, you guessed it, another crappy photoshop job by Aware Bear, PRETENDING to be more than they truly are.

You’ll also have to love the very short review posted by “Juliana”. If you check this site in detail you will not require a lot of attention to discover that to be Juliana Camy, related to Andre Leite Alves.

More idiots and scammers like this can be found on the OFFICE THIEVES HALL OF SHAME.

More gibberish from Aware Bear Computers (on AA Computers USA)

August 25th, 2009

It’s difficult not to roll around on the floor laughing when looking at the latest feeble attempts by Andre Leite Alves to bombard search engines with a lot of gibberish in the (idle) hope of getting rid of many of the negative and critical exposure of Aware Bear Computer Repair.

The most recent attempts include Andre trying to frantically and fanatically putting out a lot of unreadable gibberish on a blog hosted at BLOG i360, using an old domain he’s got for AA computers USA (go ahead, you can find it if you try). This host claims that “By automating traffic-generating functions, making site content management 6th grade simple, and integrating pushbutton easy online persuasion tools — now you can finally have a web site that works hard FOR you; giving you more time, more money and more of the freedom every business owner wants”. You have to wonder just how well this works for Aware Bear Computers because certainly it doesn’t seem to, and won’t. Not now, not ever. But I guess Andre may have different ideas about that. Or, at the very least, high hopes. You’ve got to love the way Andre also uses BOLD and ITALICS to emphasize things to search engines.

Please feel free to look at the unconventional and funny way that Andre elected to use tags for his computer repair ‘business’ in Rochester. Also notice how Andre attempts to add new names into the mix to make the ‘business’ look like it has actual employees (something that clearly isn’t the case unless you consider passing the phone along and trying to fool people is the same thing as having staff). Adding names like Mike James, Mike A, Matt P, etc.

No, those aren’t abbreviated to protect the hapless, these are the names as added to what Andre passes off as “articles”. Single letter abbreviated names, just like the media has standardized on when mentioning suspects and potential criminals in newspaper articles and on TV. That sure makes Aware Bear Computers look a lot better. Or perhaps Andre is being more honest about the alleged criminality that the abbreviated surnames imply.

One has to wonder when Andre Alves is going to finally realize that there is really nothing he can do about all this. Especially when trying to do so with a total lack of understanding, insight, and knowledge on how search engine optimization really works. Of course, when he finally can figure it out, it’ll be in vain yet again because there’s always someone more skilled that will undo any ranking gained from Aware Bear’s spam blogging.

Instead, let’s look forward to the next series of attempts. After all, while it may not serve any of the intended purposes that Andre “Aware Bear” Alves passionately hopes and begs for, it sure serves the purpose of frequent laughter  (at the expense of Andre, but that’s by his choice).

Anyone who can stand to read through even a single “blog post” written by Andre Leite Alves would probably tell him to not give up his day job because writing is certainly not an ability. Of course, many others would argue that Andre should give up his “day job” because there are already too many dissatisfied, disgruntled, and conned former customers of Aware Bear Computer Repair. You can stay away from Aware Bear Computers at 5 Monroe Ave in Pittsford NY (585) 473-7035.

More idiots and scammers like this can be found on the OFFICE THIEVES HALL OF SHAME.

Another dissatisfied customer of Aware Bear Computers

May 3rd, 2009

The website received the following comments and information (5/3/2009). Thanks for the comments and details Andrea!

Hi everyone.  Rochester native here to let you all know that I recently had a semi-personal experience with Awarebear, and they’re just as bad as everyone says.  I already made sure to post a terrible review on their Yahoo! Local page, but who knows if that will make any difference.

My friend had her computer worked on by this company.  Normally I would be glad to do the work for her but I was out of town at the time.  I found out when she later started having problems updating Windows that they had reinstalled the OS on her computer and used the WPAKill hack to bypass the need for a CD-Key.  Why would a company do this when she already has a legitimate Windows CD-Key sticker on the desktop?  Not only are they using illegal copies of Windows but I presume they must be stealing these good CD-Keys and using them for their own systems.

On top of that, attempts to contact their office and some light research left me with a few other interesting tidbits of information.

1) They seem to have only a few employees, and the technician my friend had was (I believe) the owner Andre Alves.  From what she tells me, he seemed to know his stuff technically (this coming from a woman that doesn’t know much herself, though) but he didn’t seem very trustworthy.  She let him do the reinstall anyways because she needed it done quickly.

2) The person who takes their calls is a sleezebag.  He doesn’t know anything about computers but he knows a lot about bullshit.  I found it very funny that their website has a picture of some employees from a call center (that they probably stole as well) but when you call it’s always the same scuzzy guy answering.

3) You simply cannot get a hold of the owner neither by asking for him by name or by title.  Asking for a manager will get you one of their few employees probably faking a job as manager.  They like to use the word “transfer” (as in “let me transfer you to XXXX”) when they obviously are just giving the phone to someone nearby.  Another example of their attempt to put on an act.

4) The address they have listed in the Rochester Yellow Pages is FAKE! How can they think they can get away with this?  The address listed is actually that of a large sports complex.  Turns out their real office is actually residential zoned, it’s in someone’s (probably the owner’s) house.

I found this website after I discovered the problem with her “new” Windows installation so I thought it best that I post here since I don’t see any activity on the comments section since February.  Just letting everyone know these guys are still in business and still scamming Rochester’s citizens.

I’m going to do my best to make sure as many people know about their crap as possible.

Here is Andrea’s comment on the local Yahoo ad for Aware Bear Computers. We have saved this because Andre Leite Alves has a tendency to delete his listings once there are too many negative comments and reviews. Then he waits a few days in the hope that people forget about it and then creates a new listing.


My friend had her computer worked on by their “professional” technicians who installed a hacked (read: illegal) copy of Microsoft Windows on her computer. Sure they’re cheap, but it’s because they don’t follow the rules. You also can’t get a hold of anyone important at their office, the owner is conveniently never in, and they list a FAKE ADDRESS in the freaking phone book of all places.

Since I found out that hey had used a fake copy of Windows on her computer I researched the company and discovered that the Internet is full of complaints about them. Don’t believe ANYTHING on their website or anything they tell you, they are very, very sketchy people. Don’t be fooled by the pretty pictures on their website that don’t belong to them, or the facade they put on to trick you into thinking they’re legitimate.

Don’t trust these people with your computer and your personal files and information! You can stay away from Aware Bear Computers at 5 Monroe Ave in Pittsford NY (585) 473-7035.

More idiots and scammers like this can be found on the OFFICE THIEVES HALL OF SHAME.

Andre afraid to use his ‘company’ name

February 5th, 2009

Something we had already been made aware of but now have gotten confirmed (by someone at Craigslist) is that Andre Leite Alves has become too afraid to use his ‘company’ name (Aware Bear a.k.a. Aware Bear Computers) because that name has been tarnished by his own incompetent actions.

In previous times Andre Leite Alves advertised his (dis)services on the Rochester Craigslist, using the company name Aware Bear. These days he is too afraid to use the name Aware Bear, or even his own name because it has proven to be very easy for people to go online and look up the names and find a truckload of information.

Instead, he is now anonymously advertising on the Rochester Craigslist, offering services such as computer recyling (and offering to “pickup anyone’s old, used computer at your house or work, and give you up to $5 to $10 whether it’s a working or non-working PC” as long as “old PC needs to be a Pentium 3 or better in order for us to pick it up” and claiming they specialize in “computer refurbishing and repair, as well as PC tuneups and upgrades”). If you consider causing damage and increasing your cost to take it to competent experts to be “repair”, that is. Because that’s what Aware Bear is known for, being amateurs.

Andre Leite Alves of Aware Bear Computers in Rochester New York now known as Pinocchio : Two LIARS side by side

Andre Leite Alves known as Pinocchio : Two LIARS side by side

There are various ads that Aware Bear is posting, hoping people will respond to the Craigslist provided response address without having to expose the name in order for people to look it up and find out exactly who is offering these “services”. One of the ads claims that they will perform Troubleshooting and Analysis, Virus and Spyware Removal, System Upgrades, Custom PC Builds, Improve your PC speed, Home Networking Setup, Hard Drive backup/replacement, System Cleaning (temp and registry files), Home Onsite visits at no extra charge, Software installation/uninstallation, Installation of Windows Operating Systems, and Free pickup of your PC for repair.

If you wonder why Andre Leite Alves is now refraining from using his name or that of Aware Bear Computers, perhaps you should read the various sections on this website and learn all about how this “company” passes off other people’s materials and efforts as its own just like you would expect from a Great Pretender that has frequently been caught creating fake awards to make themselves look more reliable. You can stay away from Aware Bear Computers at 5 Monroe Ave in Pittsford NY (585) 473-7035.

More idiots and scammers like this can be found on the OFFICE THIEVES HALL OF SHAME.

Aware Bear Web Design tries to pass off templates as their own

January 10th, 2009

Over at Mr. Didak’s blog there is a very interesting and informative comment from Kent in Norway who has been very observant and noticed something particular about how Aware Bear offers their Web Design services. Kent writes:

LOL He claim to be a Web designer, and uses thumbnail of Templates from Templatemonster on his promotion pic on his site

From the picture behind 🙂

Well On the Last template it says RESPECT!

I don’t know if this guy can read, or in any other way have Respect for anything, specially the Copyright law. But WTH, maybe he sue TM for stealing his designs to 🙂

Wow, Kent! That’s a really great discovery. There have been doubts about those thumbnails on the aware bear website because the web design activities of Andre Leite Alves over the past months have shown a complete inability and incompetence in even creating the simplest of layouts and designs. Then again, the website of Aware Bear Computers itself is a great example of how not to create a site. You would think that a company that pretends to build websites for businesses would at least have a decent website of their own as a showcase of their abilities. Instead, Aware Bear hopes that the thumbails from the Template Monster templates are going to fool potential customers.

It is possible that the “web design” page at Aware Bear is going to undergo some changes again to remove those and replace them with something else (or something stolen  from somewhere else) because it wouldn’t be the first time that happens. Here’s an example. If you use any cache or archive engine that has the site of Aware Bear in its system and look at the changes between time intervals you will notice the following changes (and those four web designs in cascaded mode are the templates from Template Monster):

Aware Bears web design services page before the changes

Aware Bear's web design services page BEFORE the changes

Aware Bears web design services page AFTER the changes

Aware Bear's web design services page AFTER the changes

Spot the differences?

Exactly. The office picture in there (which had also been photoshoped to include the Aware Bear sign) has been replaced with an e-mail address. Of course this was ANOTHER case of “stealing someone’s office picture to pretend Aware Bear is a real company”. The second change is the “fire” picture at the bottom center which has been replaced with the car with the Aware Bear Logo on it. Andre Leite Alves really likes photoshopping his logo onto things. I think Aware Bear is correct in the marketing test that goes along with those stolen images, though. It reads:

“Even the average consumer has developed an advanced eye for good advertising”.

Certainly Kent has proven that there are also people who have an “advanced eye” when it comes to FALSE ADVERTISING, especially when it’s yet more false advertising from Aware Bear Computers and Andre Leite Alves. 🙂 You can stay away from Aware Bear Computers at 5 Monroe Ave in Pittsford NY (585) 473-7035.

More idiots and scammers like this can be found on the OFFICE THIEVES HALL OF SHAME.

Feeble search spam and fake review attempts

December 9th, 2008

Anyone who does some deep searching on the public activities and behavior of Andre Leite Alves and his “company” Aware Bear Computers (that claims to do computer repair, software installations, computer recyling, home theater installations, programming of remote controls, and even wedding photography) will discover that many of the positive reviews that AwareBear gets on their various “yellow pages” type advertisements on the internet are riddled with the same spelling errors and grammar mistakes and often use copied sentences that are word for word identical.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Andre Leite Alves is responsible for posting his own positive reviews, something that over at RocWiki he has already been caught doing in the past. Maybe Andre believes that people he deals with are less intelligent than himself and would therefore fall for this kind of questionable and fraudulent business practice. And what’s with those blogger accounts he created in order to post even more advertisements for his “business” and alternating between Andre Leite Alves and Arthur Leite. I don’t think I’ve seen any such acts of utter desperation before, from anyone.

A very recent discovery was made by Jim and posted to the original blog post that started the many discoveries about Andre Leite Alves. Jim reported that, “They also have images on their site stolen from Alienware and Apple. I started looking into these guys over the summer, checked out their DBA and it was filed in 2006, so to say they’ve been in business for 15 years is ridiculous, they are in their mid 20’s. I posted a negative review on their yahoo local page and they somehow got it removed, and then 2 blatantly fake ones popped up. So I posted another, and they managed to get that removed also.”

In addition to Jim’s findings, it is also clear that misrepresentation is common to anything that involves Andre Leite Alves and Aware Bear because that listing mentioned on the yahoo local pages shows the year that Aware Bear was established to be 1993. That is proven to not be the case at all. Only con-artists, liars, and cheats, would lie about the amount of time a company has been around because that tends to instill  a level of trust and reputation. Well, that reputation is rapidly deteriorating as more and more people in the Rochester community are reporting their discoveries and experiences with this “company”.

Also, John posted a review on the very same page that reads:

“I decided to write this because the first three reviews are clearly fake, after reading an account of Aware Bear’s owner’s copyright infrimgment I decided to do a quick search for “Aware Bear” and found these reviews. While I am unsure of the actual service level of this demi-legitimate company, I do know that Mr. Alves and his company are highly suspicious and have continually acted in a manner undeserving of the reviews that are currently shown.”

Be warned!

Let’s see if that one also gets removed. Time will tell. It now also appears that Mr. Didak has posted his own experience with Aware Bear on the reviews page.

Tip: Read the reviews posted on various Aware Bear Computers or Aware Bear (Wedding) Photography carefully and notice how these “people” all lack an understanding of punctuation. Just like Andre Leite Alves himself. What are the odds of having all your customers that post reviews suffer from the same inabilities? 🙂 You can stay away from Aware Bear Computers at 5 Monroe Ave in Pittsford NY (585) 473-7035.

More idiots and scammers like this can be found on the OFFICE THIEVES HALL OF SHAME.

Bye Bye Aware Bear Computers Testimonials

November 28th, 2008

The page with testimonials that was prominently features on the website of Aware Bear Computer Repair in Rochester NY has been erased, leaving only a “this website will be updated soon” reference in its place.

This should not come as a surprise. As Mr. Didak already noticed and published on his blog, if you were to compare the testimonials used on the old AA Computers website (a former “company” of Andre Leite Alves that has been rumored to have gone down the drain) were being re-used on the Aware Bear website but statements were attributed to completely different individuals and businesses. With Andre’s history of writing his own positive reviews using fake aliases we can only wonder how accurate and real those original testimonials were to begin with.

Expect a whole range of new testimonials to appear on the Aware Bear site… once Andre has found the ability to spell and form coherent sentences. But after fraudulently faking and claiming awards that were never bestowed upon him and trying to fool students at the Monroe Community College we doubt that anyone would believe any material on his site. That’s the direct result of trying to scam people and getting full exposure on the subject. Once again, images and copies have been captured prior to the removal and changes in case anyone wishes to investigate the history of Andre Leite Alves and his “business” activities.

We can consider opening a testimonials page with stories and information from former customers of Aware Bear Computers but they would not be too favorable, not quite positive, and they would read more like a huge list of refund demands from unsatisfied and angry customers. You can stay away from Aware Bear Computers at 5 Monroe Ave in Pittsford NY (585) 473-7035.

More idiots and scammers like this can be found on the OFFICE THIEVES HALL OF SHAME.

More stolen content removed?

November 20th, 2008

The official website of Aware Bear Computers (a so-called “business” operated and owned by Andre Leite Alves) has been undergoing many changes, in particular many of the images that were used throughout the site are being removed and replaced with generic images.

The fraudulent claims of having won choice awards similar to the D&C awards and the actions taken against that have been responsible for one particular page to be removed from the Aware Bear website. Also, the copyright infringement committed and admitted to by Andre Leite Alves already forced certain changes to be made. But it now appears that more content is rapidly disappearing from the AwareBear Computers website.

This includes the fancy home theater installation photograph that was used on one of the pages (certainly a class and level of quality that does not quite fit with the reality of the “business” of Aware Bear) as well as a page where Andre Leite Alves and Aware Bear Computers claim to sponsor a “Futsall” team and several others. Also, a studio office setup image has been replaced with a generic white image with the contact e-mail address.

Maybe Andre Leite Alves is not incapable of understanding the consequences of his actions. Unfortunately his understanding does not increase his levels of professionalism, on the contrary, it only further shows that fear of more litigation and legal trouble takes preference over manning up to his actions. Then again, con-artists never want to admit their wrongdoings and always hope they will silently become part of a history that nobody will know about.

That might have been true in the days before the internet. You can stay away from Aware Bear Computers at 5 Monroe Ave in Pittsford NY (585) 473-7035.

More idiots and scammers like this can be found on the OFFICE THIEVES HALL OF SHAME.

Website of AA Computers terminated

November 15th, 2008

Andre Leite Alves has recently changed service provider and host (moving away from in an attempt to better mask his actions and limit the use and exposure of his former static IP addresses. This, of course, didn’t last more than two days before the new information became known and available.

As a result, the AA Computers website (which was relabeled and branded as an Aware Bear Computers website using the older AA Computers layout and design) has completely disappeared from the internet. There are, of course, cache copies in various search archives and snapshot engines, as well as many copies and screen captures in the private dossier of “all things Alves”.

Many are wondering how long it will be before the Aware Bear website and name are discarded and a new operational front will be created for the many fraudulent activities of Andre Leite Alves. You can stay away from Aware Bear Computers at 5 Monroe Ave in Pittsford NY (585) 473-7035.

Fraudulent and Fake Awards

November 10th, 2008

Note: The link that was listed had already taken down shortly after we received this information on Andre Leite Alves. More on these strange and fraudulent actions of Andre Leite Alves and Aware Bear Computers in Rochester NY can be found on this page here.

Note: The D&C that the reader is referring to is the Democrat & Chronicle.

Information received from a reader:

“This guy copied the D&C peoples choice awards page and penciled himself in under best computer store and created another category for himself. To make dumbo even dumber, he placed in his multiple Frontier Yellow Page ads 3 certificates that he was the People’s Choice Awards winner for 2006, 2007, and 2008. Hey Andre, the 2008 awards haven’t even been made yet”.

“The D&C has been notified and isn’t very happy about the stolen graphics and copyrighted content he used, along with his blatant plagerism and false advertising. Based on his character I expect him to go under, switch names, and get out of paying for his Yellow page Ads, then link to them under a different name and get free advertising out of them. You can see this guy coming a mile away. Only the beginning Andre, run and hide”.

Another reader took the time to comment the following (The PC Repair Boy on November 15, 2008):

“One one of the other sites of Aware Bear Computers he has an image with “Voted #1 in Rochester for affordability, exceptional service and reliability”.

Voted by who? Voted by what? Anyone here in Rochester? NOT.
Just like the other fake awards he attributed to himself.”

Update: December 8, 2008. Jeff wrote:

“Actually, I do think Andre and Arthur are 2 different people and brothers. I believe Arthur graduated from college in 2005. They also refer to each others as coworkers.

Read the D&C choice cached page carefully. He actually seemed to have created his own awards which are “like” the D&C awards and claims to have won that one. So he is not claiming to have won the D&C award, but creating his own and so confusingly referencing the D&C award so people will be confused into thinking he did win it (or is claiming to have.) So it is shady but a slightly different shady than you think.”

More idiots and scammers like this can be found on the OFFICE THIEVES HALL OF SHAME.

Attempts to pre-empt expansion of a bad reputation

November 10th, 2008

The ever so cheap Andre Leite Alves registered a .com domain for his full name at 123cheapdomains and pointed it to a free website hosting service. We can only guess that this was done to pre-empt any potential negative publicity that was already starting to unfold and compound in the weeks leading up to the registration of his domain. Unfortunately for Mr. Alves, the same day in a different timezone another domain for his full name got registered. 🙂

On the website for that domain he registered is the most hilarious and funny display of amateurish clowing and foolishness with an overload of utter gibberish that just can’t be articulated in words. Andre doesn’t understand much and his 15+ years of experience that he claims clearly does not amount to anything at all so in his own little world he believed that putting his name on the page a few hundred times, in various sequences and different combinations, would lead to him being able to push away all the negative attention he’s been getting on the internet.

The other thing that shows the true nature of Andre Leite Alves as the town clown is how he’s been pasting various articles from different sources, under his own name, on various article repository sites, in the hopes that these will help suppress the bad press and exposure surrounding him and his fraudulent business activities that includes things like copyright infringement and image theft, fraudulently claiming awards, spamming, fooling students at the Monroe Community College, and lying. Unfortunately for Mr. Alves all he is doing is wasting his time and providing a strange and twisted form of entertainment and satire because he has neither the knowledge, skills, or funds to cover up his history and questionable business practices.

You can stay away from Aware Bear Computers at 5 Monroe Ave in Pittsford NY (585) 473-7035.

More idiots and scammers like this can be found on the OFFICE THIEVES HALL OF SHAME.

Legal steps against the exposure of fraudulent activities?

November 2nd, 2008

Andre Leite Alves, the owner of Aware Bear Computers in Rochester NY has been having a very hard time trying to deal with the overload of negative attention he has invited upon himself after stealing other people’s images and pretending they and the property they represented were his own.

His latest actions include making statements whereby he claims that he has taken on legal representation, hired a law firm, and is going after the website of Mr. Didak to get the negative material published about him and his fraudulent misrepresentation removed. You can read all the details on this page and this page.

Update: It’s now December 8th and there is still no sign of the pretended and “promised” legal action. Of course we already knew from the start that these would be just more lies told by Andre Leite Alves to combat the destruction of the reputation of his Aware Bear Computers “company”, a destruction that he himself had unleashed and invited. Oh wait, there was THIS. But surely, that is not what Andre meant when he told people he was taking legal action, right? 🙂

Conclusion: In the mind of Andre Leite Alves HIS version of “taking legal action” really means “making a total fool of myself, ensure myself a reputation of town clown, incriminate myself to the point where no lawyer would even touch my case, admit in writing and under penalty of perjury that I’m a thief, and at the same time show myself as being delusional enough that I feel entitled to take anyone’s material at any time and claim it is my own while attempting to get the original material removed using overtly amateurish DMCA take-down notices”.

You can stay away from Aware Bear Computers at 5 Monroe Ave in Pittsford NY (585) 473-7035.

More idiots and scammers like this can be found on the OFFICE THIEVES HALL OF SHAME.

Your Comments

November 1st, 2008

Feel free to comment on Andre Leite Alves and Aware Bear Computers and the material you have found on this website. All comments will be under moderation and guaranteed to be read.

If you have additional information you can contact us privately or leave comments in this section. If you have a story and experience with Aware Bear Computers or Andre Leite Alves and wish to contribute to this site, you’re more than welcome to do so.

More idiots and scammers like this can be found on the OFFICE THIEVES HALL OF SHAME.