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The Great Pretender and Master of Misrepresentation

Sometimes you just get people that find the strangest things and discover, or should we say uncover, things about people that really sheds a bright light on their activities, in particular the fraudulent and questionable activities of Andre Leite Alves, owner of Aware Bear Computer Repair in Rochester NY. Not only can you learn much about Andre and his “company” but you will also discover what other people have uncovered after putting in a little time and effort to research this individual and his activities.

Andre Leite Alves of Aware Bear Computers in Rochester New York now known as Pinocchio : Two LIARS side by side

Andre Leite Alves known as Pinocchio : Two LIARS side by side

Note: all the PDF files below (and many more) have been copied from the website of Aware Bear Computers and Andre Leite Alves (they were publicly accessible through the hosted sites on in the ~aalves01 root) by several people and have been validated to originate directly from this source. During this time we have also allowed various archival sites to index and clone this content just in case that Andre Alves wishes to display his skills as a natural born liar and claim that he did not create or host these PDF files on his website.

Why does Andre Leite Alves need to pretend that he is the Director of Human Resources of an organization in Dallas, TX?

He must have a reason for that but it shows the questionable nature of this individual and his already proven to be fraudulent business activities. Here is the PDF found on the Aware Bear website and here is the original that was tracked down. Notice how the original name there is David Zaugg, not Andre Leite Alves. Here is a link to the source location of the PDF.

Why does Andre Leite Alves pretends to be a Design Specialist at Image Is Everything, Inc. in Savannah, GA?

There can’t be any good reason for him to swap out the name of the original author of the guide and replace it with his own unless this inherently untrustworthy and irresponsible individual (who also often signs his communications and material as “Arthur Leite” is trying to pass off more material created by others as his own. Needless to say, when inquiring, Image Is Everything, Inc. had no knowledge of a person by the name of Andre Leite Alves (well, they do now).

Why would Andre Leite Alves put his name on a letter to Mr. And Mrs. Dmitri Monargue in Springfield, MO?

Nobody knows but the only known fact is that he has absolutely nothing at all to do nor any involvement with the sender of the letter or the recipients.

Most funny of all, in this PDF Andre Leite Alves pretends to the Vice President of Marketing of a company in Miami, FL.

Once again presenting some extremely strange behavior by Mr. Alves. He, of course, is not a Vice President of anything, let alone at a company Miami, Florida.

Here is one where Andre Leite Alves pretends to be operating from an actual office building and pretends to have employees with parking privileges. This is just too sad to articulate but maybe Mr. Alves likes to pretend things and lives in his own little make-believe world where fake memos are created to give the impression of dealing with an actual company. Alves, being as incompetent as ever, forgot to change the font style and style which shows how this document was modified to fit his name.

And in this PDF, Andre Leite Alves pretends to have administrative staff that is getting paid $175 bonuses for completing various office related computer exams. Once again he forgot to change the font size, again showing how this is an altered and forged document that can only serve one purpose (two if you include his delusional state of mind); to make it appear to the world as if he is operating an actual company with real employees.

Some of the PDF files that were discovered on the publicly accessible directory where the AwareBear website used to be hosted (via are just downright strange. Here’s a few examples (we’ve zipped them to conserve bandwidth):

  • Andre Leite Alves contains portions of William Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily” where Mr. Alves just stamped his name across the top of the page.
  • Andre Leite Alves contains a small portion of the book “The Kentucky Anthology”, again with Andre’s name stamped across the top page.
  • Andre Leite Alves cobbs contains verbatim paragraphs and portions that were taken from this website and also has his name stamped at the top of the page.
  • Andre Leite Alves computer contains a portion of an e-mail that is entirely unrelated to Andre Leite Alves or Aware Bear Computers. In this particular content, Andre swapped out the original “From” name (the sender) and replaced it with his own.
  • Andre Leite Alves final contains material not created by him yet again has his name stamped on top of it, passing it off as his own as must have been his intention when putting this file on his website.
  • Andre Leite Alves is too silly for words. Have a look for yourself.

There are dozens upon dozens of more files like this where randomly copied material is formatted into PDF format and stamped and labeled with the name Andre Leite Alves (many of them are student essays and papers on various subjects ranging from geology to insects to plants and mushrooms), showing that this is not the behavior of a sane and sensible individual but the work of someone that must either be suffering from serious mental health problems or with a serious need to pretend that he is various things he is not and operating from many different cities, counties, and states within the U.S. For anyone interested, we have a complete archive of all these files and they can also be found using many of your favorite caching and archival sites.


If you wish to comment you can do so here. Feel free to share your stories and experiences with Aware Bear Computers and Andre Leite Alves and read those of others. You can stay away from Aware Bear Computers at 5 Monroe Ave in Pittsford NY (585) 473-7035.