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Aware Bear Caught Spamming!

What is one of those things that everybody hates with a passion?

What does everyone think about companies that indulge in spamming behavior?

Aware Bear Computers, owned by Andre Leite Alves, the admitted copyright infringer and image thief with low self-esteem issues and delusions of entitlement, operating from Rochester New York is just one of those companies that loves to get their name out there in the hope that it will generate leads and result in business. Not only can Aware Bear be found adding positive comments to its own listings but the company and its owner have also managed to build up a reputation for spamming as you can see here.

The RocWiki (a wiki with a focus on Rochester) certainly noticed this in  early 2008 when Andre Leite Alves attempted to mass spam all the various sub sections and regions of the wiki with advertisements for this Aware Bear “business” (claiming to do computer repair, computer recycling, home theater installation, PC, Laptop and Apple Repair, wedding photography, etc.

Dave Mahon called Aware Bear (which does not have an office, Andre Leite Alves only pretends there is one by using the pictures of other people’s offices and by writing fake e-mails and documents that imply there is an office and employees) to discuss this and other abusive behavior. Now there’s a nice reputation for a company that pretends to be professional. If you believe that I’ve got a bridge to sell you… in Rochester, of course!

Another person also called Andre Leite Alves and reported that he “called them to tell them that what they were posting was spam and the guy I talked to kept trying to convince me they were legit edits. Finally I just told the guy don’t try and bullshit me, I know the difference and I know you do as well. You know you are spamming the page, you know you don’t need to make the same page for every suburb and hung up”.

Considering the copyright infringement committed by and admitted to by Andre Leite Alves along with the immensely foolish (but ultimately also very funny) attempts to get negative information about Aware Bear and himself removed from the internet (without any luck and any results, of course) and adding the fraudulent actions of awarding to himself fake awards that were supposed to confuse people that he was awarded the Democrat and Chronicle Choice Awards it is no surprise that a “company” like Aware Bear Computers needs to resort to spam and spamming behavior in order to get even remotely noticed. Of course, spamming and conducting yourself in a highly unprofessional and shameful manner gets you noticed MUCH quicker.

It also is not a surprise that Andre changed a lot of other images on the Aware Bear website after getting NOTICED by many of the people and businesses who’s material he stole and adapted for his own gainful needs. Where it used to have images that were clearly of a questionable nature and clearly not anything that an amateur like Andre Leite Alves would have any involvement with, or in, there are now generic images and placeholders. Some pages even disappeared from the website completely.

Unfortunately, just like spam, once you throw something out there in public it gets recorded by archive sites and in the case of Aware Bear, what the Bear was not Aware of was that all these activities were neatly screen captured and stored for potential future needs. We won’t be posting the before and after results because we wouldn’t want to infringe on anyone’s copyrights (especially since these pages clearly contained material that was not legally owned by Aware Bear Computers) but we will consider releasing the information anyway (and of course use it as substantiation for what is being described here).

If you do some research (and we can provide you with several IP addresses matching Andre Leite Alves) you will also find that Andre is in the habit of writing highly positive reviews about him and his business… using fake names and pretending to be a customer. How pathetic is a business that resorts to that.

Jim commented on other spamming activities and reported that, “They also have images on their site stolen from Alienware and Apple. I started looking into these guys over the summer, checked out their DBA and it was filed in 2006, so to say they’ve been in business for 15 years is ridiculous, they are in their mid 20’s. I posted a negative review on their yahoo local page and they somehow got it removed, and then 2 blatantly fake ones popped up. So I posted another, and they managed to get that removed also.”

For a really funny example, look at what Andre is posting to sites like articlesnatch. You can’t even call it an article. It’s just bad advertising and an attempt to flood search engines with his name and that of his “company”. Of course, that flooding won’t work. We can snap our fingers and immediately undo his efforts but it’s funny to see him fumble around like this 🙂 Anyway, without further delay, here’s a sample (we’ve highlighted the # of times he loves to write his name and that of Aware Bear):

Aware Bear Computers in Rochester NY offers on site computer repair for home users and businesses. The staff at Aware Bear Computers has over 30 years of combined experience on computer repair. All the work AwareBears offers carries a 30 day warranty. We specialize in PC, Macs and Networks. Andre Leite Alves the owner has been in business since 1993.

In addition Aware Bear Computers also offers on site computer services to home users and businesses. Our trained staff can service any brand of computers no matter where you purchased. Mac service is also available. Our techs go thru several hours of training each year to make sure that he or she is properly trained in order to give you the best service possible. When looking for computer service in Rochester NY look no further, AwareBear Computers is your #1 choice.

When looking for computer solutions in Rochester NY, Aware Bear Computers offers the best solution in town. The staff at Aware Bear can help you achieve any computer solutions that you might be looking for. Andre Leite Alves owner of Aware Bear Computers has been providing computer solutions to home users and business owners since 1993.

The main goal of Aware Bear Computers is to provide you with the best service possible. No job is too big or too small. We can provide with the tools in order for you to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Now, repeat the above four or five times and paste it below here and you’ve got an idea how these “articles” look like. Copy and paste a few lines from above in your favorite search engine to find the source articles and feel free to have a good laugh at Andre’s fumbling. And if that’s not enough and you feel your belly can withstand another barrage of laughter, you can check how Andre is trying to use words he does not wish to be associated with by publishing “articles” (e.g. 50% gibberish and 50% nonsense for a full 100% of garbage) with titles like “New breed of viruses cause misrepresentation and copyright infringement”. Here’s an excerpt of how that spam looks:

The ones that we are seeing the most are the ones that are using copyright infringement and professional misrepresentation against the major software companies. These copyright infringements include similar names, icons and other forms of misrepresentation that tricks people into downloading these malicious viruses. Aware Bear Computers is doing everything possible to educate their clients about this misrepresentation against the major software developers and other major companies. The logos on major software companies are all trademark and they reserve the rights to that logo, however people are cloning these copyrighted material into viruses and sending them out via e-mail, via websites, acting on a very professional misrepresentation way. This is obviously unprofessional, a lie, misrepresentation, copyright infringement as well as fraud, these viruses are being created very professionally and some are extremely difficult to deal with.


If you wish to comment you can do so here. Feel free to share your stories and experiences with Aware Bear Computers and Andre Leite Alves and read those of others. You can stay away from Aware Bear Computers at 5 Monroe Ave in Pittsford NY (585) 473-7035.