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Caught Lying AGAIN and AGAIN

Andre Leite Alves, owner of Aware Bear Computers (a “business” in Rochester New York), makes it too easy to expose his lies and substantiate them with cold hard proof and evidence that he provides without having a clue that he did. It is what makes him deserve the title of “Clown” but also the label of “Liar”.

When the original article that exposed Andre Leite Alves and its copyright infringement and theft was published, one of the things that Mr. Didak did was to post a link to it on the Aware Bear advertisement page on RocWiki (a wiki about the Rochester, NY). This is one of the websites where Andre Alves got in trouble and recognized as a spammer.

About a week after that link was added to the list of experiences people have with Aware Bear Computers (several of them written by Andre himself, pretending to be a different person, but clearly showing the source being his computer system) Andre attempted to remove the link. He probably didn’t like certain experiences to be published and found by potential customers (or should we call them “victims”?). This action got Andre a warning from the wiki administrators and the page got locked so changes to it could no longer be made.

After a while Andre Leite Alves (using the registered name of “AA”) contacted the RocWiki administrators (using a public group that can be read by everyone with an internet access). While Andre hoped that his communication was kept private, one of the administrators (Dave Mahon) responding to his gibberish accidentally (or maybe intentionally) replied with a public reply.

“Can you explain – specifically – why you would like to have the pages removed? If and when we do agree to remove the pages, Mr. Didak’s comments will be removed as well”.

“In the meantime, despite the negative quality of his comments, I have no way of determining the truth value of his claims and since they are not of a personal nature and I do not feel comfortable removing them. Should you convincingly demonstrate to me your claim that this is a scam, however, I will be happy to remove his comment. I should also clarify that even though Pete and I are admins, we are not authorized to unilaterally remove whole pages or comments except in the most extreme of cases; the final authority rests in the community that reads and responds to this mailing list”.

From this reply it was clear that Andre Leite Alves wished to have certain pages REMOVED in an attempt to silence, suppress, or censor negative attention that he received as a result of his copyright infringement activities. It is also clear from the reply that Andre claimed that the story about his unauthorized use and creation of an unauthorized derivative work was a SCAM.

This behavior is indicative of a con-artist and pathological liar. In nearly every case involving con-artists running scams or having gained a really bad reputation as a result of their fraudulent activities and misrepresentation, it is always the con-artist that claims that the information exposed about them is the scam and that they are the victim of competition or otherwise are the injured party. This is so typical that it only further substantiates the understanding that Andre Leite Alves and his Aware Bear “company” are highly questionable and evidently untrustworthy.

Jay Sweet proposed that, “As a compromise, what if the AwareBear folks were allowed to put a comment w/ link below his, offering a link to an explanation of their side of the story, and then we ask that neither of them add any further comments to the article?” but Andre Leite Alves was evidently not too charmed with that idea. Of course he wouldn’t be in favor of that because anything he would publicly claim that is yet another series of compounded LIES would only end up being used against him in court again. Like a true con-artist and bottom-feeder Andre Leite Alves prefers to communicate his lies in private and out of public view.

Other people in Rochester responded to the situation as well, in particular “BadFishROC” who wrote “I think he (Stefan) posted that there to let people know that Aware Bear stole an image from his web site for they marketing. I have seen the flier (and may still have one at work) and they definitely stole the image.” And this person is entirely correct since the printed brochures were in possession of Mr. Didak shortly after Aware Bear started handing them out.

And then it became clear that Andre Leite Alves has been lying through his teeth when Dave Mahon wrote “We (the AdminGroup) are well aware of the involvement of lawyers on both sides.”

Interestingly enough there has not been any involvement of lawyers on the side of Andre Leite Alves and AwareBear. In fact, we have it on good authority that Andre Leite Alves has not consulted one nor had any assistance of one as his next actions showed in very informative detail. Andre told people that he was the one taking legal action against Mr. Didak and his website. This, of course, to the great bemusement of Mr. Didak who actually looked forward to that. Several days later it became clear what Andre Leite Alves meant with “his lawyers” and “him taking legal action”.

Get prepared to start rolling on the floor laughing your behind off because this just gets better and funnier.

The so-called “legal response” was a shabby DMCA take down notice that Andre Leite Alves sent to the domain registrar of Mr. Didak’s website. Not only did this show that Andre Leite Alves is clueless about how the internet works but the DMCA notice itself, riddled with unfinished sentences, spelling errors, and a collection of lies, was one where Andre Leite Alves admitted that under the “business” name Aware Bear he had stolen material and used it to create derivative works without permissions, claimed that the images of Mr. Didak’s famous Home Office were actually HIS property, and signed it to be true under PENALTY OF PERJURY. The conclusion; Andre Leite Alves admitted to his fraudulent misrepresentation, admitted to the copyright infringement, and perjured himself at the same time.

The way this shabby and amateurish DMCA take down notice was constructed shows that Andre Leite Alves did not have any form of legal help because any remotely competent attorney would never have allowed a client to put all that in writing. Needless to say, his DMCA actions had absolutely no effect but evidently Andre just wanted to “try it” in the hopes that it “might work”. It shows the type of person he is and the kind of “business” he is running, or pretends to be running. Mr. Didak’s attorneys did, indeed, break out in laughter after receiving a copy of the DMCA notice sent to the registrar by Alves. Whoever said being an attorney isn’t fun should encounter Andre Leite Alves and his extreme levels of foolishness.

A dissection of his DMCA take down notice can be found on this page and the original one by Mr. Didak.

Where is the legal action that Andre Leite Alves lied about to the RocWiki community? It still needs to materialize. Then again, if you consider that Alves does everything “on the cheap” (from his webhosting to his brochures and marketing material that is riddled with stolen material) it probably indicates that Andre doesn’t have the funds to even consult a real lawyer. Maybe this also means he’s not just a con-artist and liar but a bad one, a failed liar and incompetent con-artist.

The only conclusion that can be made is that in the mind of Andre Leite Alves the idea of “taking legal action” really means “making an even bigger fool of myself, ensuring that I gain a reputation of being the town clown, incriminate myself so that no lawyer would even touch my case, admit in writing and under penalty of perjury that I’m really a thief, and show myself as suffering from a strange sense of delusional entitlement  to take anyone’s material and claim it is my own while in the background, like a true sneaky con-artist, I attempt to get the original images removed by sending out fraudulent DMCA take-down notices”.


If you wish to comment you can do so here. Feel free to share your stories and experiences with Aware Bear Computers and Andre Leite Alves and read those of others. You can stay away from Aware Bear Computers at 5 Monroe Ave in Pittsford NY (585) 473-7035.