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Faking Awards to Make AwareBear Look Better

How low can you go?
How low can any company go?
How low did Andre Leite Alves go?

In the case of Andre Leite Alves’ “company” (Aware Bear Computers in Rochester New York) there is a new record for just how low it CAN go and that has been proven by the creation of fake awards information where Andre decided to award himself awards that looked similar to the Democrat & Chronicle awards, while at the same time pretending to have been awarded those for several years in a row.

Shortly after the publication of Aware Bear and Andre Leite Alves committing copyright infringement and theft on the website of Mr. Didak and his famous Home Office a comment appeared from someone within the Rochester community regarding a web page that Andre had created for his “company” where he used forged and altered material from the D&C and modified it to suit his own illusions and delusions, or perhaps his wishful thinking. The information that was provided (minor spelling errors fixed), was:

To make matters worse, this guy copied the D&C peoples choice awards page and penciled himself in under best computer store and created another category for himself. See the link below if it isn’t down yet. We have copied the site in it’s entirety because he probably is taking it down as we write this.

To make dumbo even dumber, he placed in his multiple Frontier Yellow Page ads 3 certificates that he was the People’s Choice Awards winner for 2006, 2007, and 2008. Hey Andre, the 2008 awards haven’t even been made yet. The D&C has been notified and isn’t very happy about the stolen graphics and copyrighted content he used, along with his blatant plagiarism and false advertising.

Based on his character I expect him to go under, switch names, and get out of paying for his Yellow page Ads, then link to them under a different name and get free advertising out of them. You can see this guy coming a mile away. Only the beginning Andre, run and hide.

Note that the D&C being written about here is the Democrat & Chronicle.

The page in question was called “AWARDS” and was located on the ~aalves01 root on (the host that previously hosted the Aware Bear and AA Computers websites). Needless to say, that information has been captured, copied, and is now preserved in the private dossier of material relating to con-artist Andre Leite Alves (yes, when you fake your own awards like that you ARE indeed a CON-ARTIST). Information that followed privately contained more details regarding this blatant act of deception on the part of Aware Bear and its owner Andre Leite Alves.

Of course, after Andre got in trouble for STEALING and MODIFYING material AGAIN, he removed all traces of it and now pretends it never happened and never existed. Then again, Andre Leite Alves does not understand how the internet works and probably  has made up an understanding of how it does work that only functions within his limited insights and experience. Andre also does not understand the concepts of SPAM.

Why does Andre Leite Alves need to create fake award or pretend he was awarded things that never were awarded to him or his “business” (note how this site uses the words “company” and “business” in quotation marks when writing about Aware Bear Computers, that’s because it is very hard to take a company or business seriously or consider them even remotely professionally as such under the circumstances)?

One of the few reasons anyone can have to commit such a fraudulent act is that the “company” is, indeed, not being taken seriously by anyone and from there the need arises to “glamorize” or “substantiate” the business with something that appears to invoke a certain sentiment of professionalism and trustworthiness. Unfortunately, as many people know and realize all too well, the only kind of “companies” and people that have such needs and take such actions are those that are inherently untrustworthy and, by all means, should never be trusted at all.

Another reason would be something more within the domain of licensed psychologists who could consider these fraudulent actions by Andre Leite Alves as cries for attention and idle attempts at satisfying their inner desires. So maybe Andre desires to be given awards? Could be, but I think I speak for most people reading this site or having experience with Andre and his “business activities” that the only awards he’s most likely to receive are the ones presented to him for clowning around and being the joke of the town. Many comments regarding this have already been made by others.

The mind does wonder… if so many things about Andre Leite Alves are fake and taken from other sources, just how reliable are his activities. According to e-mails received by Mr. Didak and shared with others, not a whole lot. The only thing that is not fake about Andre Leite Alves and Aware Bear Computers is the insatiable lust for other people’s materials, to make it his own, to pretend he is something he’s not, to misrepresent his “company” and to generally (and now publically) make himself look like the fool he is.

Another reader took the time to comment the following (The PC Repair Boy on November 15, 2008):

One one of the other sites of Aware Bear Computers he has an image with “Voted #1 in Rochester for affordability, exceptional service and reliability”.

Voted by who? Voted by what? Anyone here in Rochester? NOT.
Just like the other fake awards he attributed to himself.


If you wish to comment you can do so here. Feel free to share your stories and experiences with Aware Bear Computers and Andre Leite Alves and read those of others. You can stay away from Aware Bear Computers at 5 Monroe Ave in Pittsford NY (585) 473-7035.